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Why is Uber being given a free pass?

Why do governments not challenge their law-breaking activities?

Imagine if other competitors, in other industries, were allowed to come in and just break the rules.

Imagine if they were allowed to take away the business of legitimate operators in the market place through deception and manipulation of our laws.

Uber is continuing to steal away the taxi and airport limo businesses of those, who through careful compliance with the law, and hard work, have forged out businesses for themselves in this country.

We have no issue with Uber as such.

We welcome changes and opportunities that new technology brings.

But we do not welcome lawbreakers to this country in any shape or form.

The law is established as a level playing field, where everyone gets a fair go.

But we must all compete according to the rules.



Uber have already stolen a large share of the airport limo market through their law breaking activities.

The effect of this has been to severely disadvantage businesses that have complied with their statutory and legal requirements from the outset.

It is a cynical, and greedy grab for market share.

It is a breach of our Consumer trading laws on multiple levels.

Uber have gained an unfair advantage through illegal means.

Why should you as the consumer care?

I believe Uber seek to establish a monopoly in the taxi and hire car marketplace.

From this position, it will be open season for them to raise prices.

They will then do what they please with regulations, as they have already begun to demonstrate.

Don’t let initial low prices deceive.


The cracks are beginning to show with Uber in Auckland

Drivers are beginning to abandon the company enmasse, citing earnings lower than $8 per hour.

For a full report, see this link: UNHAPPY DRIVERS ABANDON UBER

We wouldn’t support a company that produces clothing in slave labor conditions, in sweatshops on the Indian subcontinent.

Why should we tolerate it right here at home?



We all need good quality and low cost options when it comes to getting around.

But Uber is going about it in an unethical way.

Which makes us unethical to support them, by using their services.

They could easily fix their unethical ways, but they refuse.

They could simply be transparent with their commission rates. They could insist their drivers comply with our local laws.

Uber benefits by doing nothing. They are smiling while the government turn a blind eye.

It’s not hard to join the dots, when it is estimated that Uber are making more than 15 billion in un-taxed revenue in a year.

Why send your hard earned dollars overseas? Why benefit a multi-national company that does not pay any tax here?

Uber obviously, are not putting the interests of New Zealanders first.

Auckland Airport Limos go can be trusted to put you first.

We invest back into local businesses, and into the local economy, so that we can all prosper together.

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