shuttle transfer

Early Shuttle Transfer

Concord Coaches were employed by the early pioneers of Cobb & Co. The early shuttle transfer services needed robust equipment.

Imported from America, the Concord carriages were painted red, with large yellow wagon wheels.

These coaches were chosen for their particular strength, and durability. They were most suited to the rugged conditions of early New Zealand roads.

The coaches employed a ‘thorough brace’ suspension system. This revolutionary suspension system, suspended the body of the coach on leather straps. It made the ride much more comfortable than other spring suspension systems.

We Have Come a Long Way

The worst we might experience, on a shuttle bus transfer today, is a few bumps in the road, in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Passengers were often left with bruises, and other injuries, in the early days of coach travel. These were caused by the severe impact of wooden wheels on rocky roads.

In both Australia, and New Zealand, Cobb & Co Coaches were always preferred over the others, because they went out of their way to make sure the ride was more comfortable.

That same endeavor lives on in the business of Cobb & Co Coaches, as Auckland Airport Limos, today. Whether it is a shuttle transfer service, private taxi, or corporate cab.

Cobb & Co go out of their way to ensure our customers not only enjoy their ride, but are relaxed and comfortable.

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