Best airport shuttle bus

A History of the Best Airport Shuttle Bus Service

Passengers of land transport in the early, pioneering days of Australia and New Zealand, sometimes faced rivers swollen with floodwater.

In order to get across the river, coaches had to be pulled across from the other side of the river, with a rope.

Cobb & Co.’s placement of changing stations every 16-32 km along the routes, meant that their coaches could achieve much better speed, and longer distances, than previously thought possible.

The Lights of Cobb & Co

Henry Lawson wrote a poem about the Cobb & Co service in 1897:

“Not all the ships that sail away since Roaring Days are done –
Not all the boats that steam from port, nor all the trains that run,
Shall take such hopes and loyal hearts – for men shall never know
Such days as when the Royal Mail was run by Cobb & Co.”

Commitment to Excellence

Today, Cobb & Co Coaches, as Auckland Airport Limos, continues in that same inspirational spirit.

We are committed to providing the best airport shuttle bus, and best airport transfer service around.