auckland shuttle service


auckland shuttle service

If you’re traveling on a tight budget, shared rides are an ideal option. A shared ride is probably always going to be the cheapest option available for airport transfers. Some people prefer shared rides, because they enjoy the interaction with fellow travelers.

Some enjoy the different routes traveled to and from the airport. It’s a break from the ordinary. You never know quite what you are going to get, and most of the time, everybody enjoys the ride.

A Few Helpful Tips for our Auckland Shuttle Service

There are a few simple guidelines, that can make your Auckland shuttle service experience more enjoyable for everybody. If you are the first pickup of the service, try to sit towards the back of the shuttlebus. This will help to streamline the service for other passengers that come after you. In this way, everybody spends as little time as possible on the shuttle.

It’s exciting heading off on a travel adventure. Loud farewells to your friends however, using your mobile phone, can be annoying for fellow travelers. When traveling on a shuttlebus service, messaging your family and friends is a much better option. A shuttlebus is not a limo service, and space is limited. Try to be considerate towards fellow travelers, by making room, where possible.

Trying to squeeze in a quick breakfast on board the shuttlebus, is strongly discouraged. Please do not consume food and beverages on the shuttlebus.


The shuttlebus service can be a rewarding experience, provided you are not too particular about your personal space. If you do happen to be particular about personal space, our private cheap cabs service could be the better option for you. In some cases, our cheap cabs service is nearly as cheap as the shuttlebus service.

You can enjoy a private ride, by yourself, for almost the same cost. We also offer corporate cabs, and an executive limo service. Check our prices for private rides, by calling Auckland Airport Limos on 0800 777 076. Call us at any time on 0800 777 076 to let us know your details.

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