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Attention: Auckland Airport Travelers

cheap shuttlebus

airport shuttle bus

Construction of the new underpass at Kirkbride road continues at an ever declining pace. Passengers arriving to, or departing from Auckland airport, need to be aware of some serious delays caused by roadworks at Kirkbride road during peak periods. Sometimes, the delay can be as much as 30 minutes in each direction. This could lead to missing a flight in some cases, especially if you are using the various airport car parking services.

A Cheap Shuttlebus is the Better Option

In these circumstances, it’s a much better option to get a direct pick up or drop off using Auckland Airport Limos airport shuttle bus service or cheap cab service. If you are traveling out Auckland Airport during the coming peak tourist season, remember that it is a wise idea to book your airport shuttle or taxi in advance, so you know you will have a secure ride to the airport.

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Check Auckland Airport Website for Flight Delays

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