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What Happens if my Flight is Delayed?

shuttlebus transfer

delayed flight shuttle bus transfer

When you book your Shuttlebus transfer with Auckland Airport Limos, its important to give us as much information as possible. This will assist in us in making sure that your shuttlebus driver is ready, and waiting for you, when your flight arrives, or your pick-up is due.


We need information like the airport you are traveling to or from. The specific pick-up location. Whether you require a private ride or a shared ride. The airline name and flight number. The date and time of the flight arrival or departure. Your full name and email id. With this information, we can better serve you in the event of flight delays, or cancellations. It will also help us, if your flight is delayed or disrupted, that you call uis to let us know. We will usually be aware of what is happening with your flight, however it always helpful if you would let us know as well.


In this way, we are able to re-arrange things so that you experience minimal delay on your shuttlebus transfer to or from the airport. Call us at any time on 0800 777 076 to let us know your details.

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Shuttle Buses



Shuttle Buses

Sometimes people misunderstand the difference between shuttle buses and taxis. A shuttle bus can often take you to where you are going just as quickly as a taxi. However, there is a key difference you should be be aware of.


When you book a shuttle bus ride with Auckland Airport Limos, you will be quoted an estimated pick-up time. The pick-up time is a window, if you like, around which the pick-up may take place ten minutes either side of. For instance, if your pick-up time is 1pm, the shuttle could arrive to pick you up at 12:50pm or 1:10pm, at the latest. The window is a time-frame in which your driver will arrive. You don’t need to worry if your driver doesn’t show up at exactly 1pm.


If you need a precise pick up or drop off time, it is better to pre-book one of our taxis. Nevertheless, for to the airport pickups, you will be quoted a time which will allow plenty of time to reach the airport prior to your scheduled departure, and required check-in time. When using shuttlebuses for your airport transfers, it is safer being ready at least ten minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

Check Auckland Airport Website for Flight Delays

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airport ride



airport ride

Auckland, New Zealand, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visitor numbers have dramatically increased, year by year, for the past ten years. Getting an airport ride to and from Auckland airport however, can be a headache at times.

If budget is not an issue, you can just catch one of the on-demand taxis or shuttles on the airport ranks. You will probably end up paying a very high fare. But even then, you can run into difficulties with drivers that do not speak good English. Sometimes, shuttlebuses are so full, you have to wait hours to get where you are going. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay upwards of $80 for a cab fare.


Auckland Airport Limos airport shuttlebus services runs 24 hours a day, and can be ordered on demand. Although we do not occupy any ranks at the airport, our home base is close by the Auckland airport. We can usually answer your call for a shuttle service within 20 minutes. You will sometimes wait longer than that, sitting on a shuttlebus at the rank, waiting for passengers from other flights to either land or collect their baggage. Our shuttles to Auckland city take around thirty minutes, and there is usually just one or two other drop offs, most likely very close to where you are heading.


How many times have you arrived at an airport in peak periods, and found the queues for a taxi a mile long? To make matters worse, when you finally reach the top of the queue, you are going to pay premium price for that taxi to take you to the city. A much better solution is to pre-book your taxi with Auckland Airport Limos. Your driver will be specifically assigned to you, and will be waiting when your flight lands to take you directly to your destination.

No queues and no waiting. Your driver will keep an eye on your flight arrival and make allowances for any delays or early arrivals. You will pay around forty percent less than the ordinary taxi price. What could be better than that?

Don’t leave it until the last minute for a nasty experience with a taxi. Pre-book your taxi ride from Auckland airport with Auckland Airport Limos now – 0800 777 076

Check Auckland Airport Website for Flight Delays

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cheap shuttlebus


Attention: Auckland Airport Travelers

cheap shuttlebus

airport shuttle bus

Construction of the new underpass at Kirkbride road continues at an ever declining pace. Passengers arriving to, or departing from Auckland airport, need to be aware of some serious delays caused by roadworks at Kirkbride road during peak periods. Sometimes, the delay can be as much as 30 minutes in each direction. This could lead to missing a flight in some cases, especially if you are using the various airport car parking services.

A Cheap Shuttlebus is the Better Option

In these circumstances, it’s a much better option to get a direct pick up or drop off using Auckland Airport Limos airport shuttle bus service or cheap cab service. If you are traveling out Auckland Airport during the coming peak tourist season, remember that it is a wise idea to book your airport shuttle or taxi in advance, so you know you will have a secure ride to the airport.

Get a Cheap Shuttlebus Discount

Book your cheap shuttlebus to and from Auckland Airport with Auckland Airport Limos, using code LIMO16 and save 10%! This offer only lasts till December 31st so start booking now.

Check Auckland Airport Website for Flight Delays

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Auckland shuttlebus


Don’t Get Stung by the Auckland Shuttlebus Ripoff

The following was recently written by a customer of an unscrupulous airport shuttle service:

“We were 10 passengers in the super shuttle wanting to go to different places all over the city. Thanks to the very egotistical demands of two middle-aged women who jumped on the shuttle last, the impatience of an elderly man who pushed to the front, and a driver who borders on silly, the rest of the passengers were left waiting, and got off last.”

You Get What You Pay For

Don’t be fooled into thinking biggest is best.

Many people have similar stories to tell of the one above.

Expecting a thirty-minute ride form the airport to the city, they were instead stuck an overcrowded minibus, waiting two hours to reach their final destination!
Yes, this happens more often than not.

Trust Cobb & Co

Don’t let it be you.
Auckland Airport Limos give a guarantee you will reach your destination within 45 minutes of pickup or your money back. (traffic jams excluded)

Our Auckland shuttlebus service usually has one or two drop offs, at the most, three.

We are not money hungry, but service orientated.

We don’t take our customers for granted, and will do everything we can, to make sure you reach your destination less than 45 minutes from the beginning of your journey.

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Family shuttle Bus is Here

Kids Ride Free On Our Taxi Fare

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and service, Auckland Airport Limos now offers family fares.

We already have the cheapest taxi fare and shuttle fares around. Now it just gets better with kids 17 and under, riding free on any of our shuttle services

Family Shuttle Bus Simple Conditions

The only conditions are, we allow one kid for free, per each paying adult.

So two kids ride for free, when two adults are paying for a shuttle service.

Our Drivers will Keep you Updated

We have made the booking process so much easier, by allowing our drivers to contract you directly.

Your driver will contact you when your flight lands, and tell you exactly where he is waiting.

He will make allowances for any flight delays, and will keep you posted with any event that might cause a delay, such as traffic accidents, or diversions.

We want to make your airport shuttle ride as simple, and stress free as possible.

Free call Auckland Airport Limos today on 0800 777 076 to book your family-friendly airport shuttle or taxi ride.

Read about the history of Cobb & Co Australia and New Zealand in our other blogs.

best auckland shuttlebus


The Best Auckland Shuttlebus is Here

Meet David and Kathy

The economy in New Zealand is pumping!

After several years of stable government, and good economic planning, tourism numbers to New Zealand have exploded.

For the first time, tourism in New Zealand has overtaken dairy, and farming!

The 2016/17 season is tipped to be the best ever, with numbers predicted to increase 25% on last year.

David and Kathy saw the opportunities of this booming market, and decided to expand their businesses to include Auckland.

Together, they have successfully revived and promoted the well-recognized New Zealand brand name of Cobb & Co Coaches.

The Best Auckland Shuttlebus is Here

Auckland Airport Limos are now one of the cheapest, and best airport shuttle services in the country.

David Curwen-Walker gained experience as a tour coach captain with Cobb & Co Australia, before moving to New Zealand and joining the Auckland Airport Limos team in Auckland.

“I meet so many diverse and interesting people, and we make lasting friendships.They come back every year, and they remember me. It’s a rewarding experience to have that personal relationship with customers, knowing that they keep coming back because you take care of them.” (David Curwen-Walker)

We love Our Customers

At Cobb & Co, good service means putting the customers’ interests over personal interest, and treating them as if they are friends. Little things, like a request to stop for food, or having water and mints for them. Our customers love little things like that.

Five Star Reviews

“For me, the best part of the business is getting five star reviews. It lets you know you are doing the right thing, and inspires you to keep it up and keep improving the service.” (Kathy Curwen-Walker)

best airport taxi


The Best Cheap Airport Taxi Service is Here

A Terrifying Ride

Fresh from her outstanding medal win, our very own Natalie Rooney, from Timaru in the South Island of New Zealand, experienced a taxi ride she would rather forget.

Natalie caught a taxi from the Sheraton Hotel, back to the Olympic village.

The driver demanded more money than that which was agreed to at the beginning of the ride.

She ended up being left by the side of the road, in darkness, to find her own way back to the village by herself.

Fortunately, she was spotted by a security guard, and then escorted safely home.

It can Happen in Auckland

Unfortunately, these kinds of incidents are not something we only read about in faraway nations.

They happen all too frequently, right here at home.

The last thing anyone needs after a long flight, is a terrifying taxi or shuttle bus ride from the airport.

Some Auckland taxi and shuttle bus drivers take incredible risks, tailgating, speeding, running red lights, and practice general bad behavior on our roads.

This is unacceptable.

Trust Auckland Airport Limos for the Best Cheap Airport Taxi Service

At Auckland Airport Limos, we strive to ensure our passengers experience the best airport taxi service possible. Cheap does not necessarily mean bottom rung service. We have to use the keyword cheap airport taxi to attract traffic to our site. But the service you will receive is far from cheap.

We want to ensure that you not only arrive safely, but will also enjoy the journey.

Our drivers are always well presented and relaxed, ready to share a little bit of New Zealand culture and history with anyone who is willing to listen.

Don’t risk your Auckland airport transfer with an unknown operator. Auckland Airport Limos are a trusted and recognized name in Australia and New Zealand.

Trust Auckland Airport Limos to get you there safely and on time.

Airport shuttles


Trafalgar House Airbnb for Girls

As part of their commitment to New Zealand tourism, David and Kathy also run a girls’ hostel, Airbnb at Onehunga which is just ten minutes away from Auckland airport.

Trafalgar house is a 125 year old mansion built in the 1880’s.

It has 4 private single rooms, and one shared room, with three single beds.

What You Get

Prices range from $35 per night for a shared room, to $55 per night for a private room.

The price includes:

– Comfortable single bed with antique furniture, desk and mirror
– Continental breakfast
– Free WiFi
– Tea /Coffee
– Private deck with barbecue
– Shared kitchen
– Shared guest bathroom (you only have to share with one other as there are three and hosts have their own bathroom)
– Free use of washing machine and laundry powder
– Breakfast usually includes: Toast, muesli and/or cereal flakes, marmalade, various spreads, peanut butter, milk, coffee and/or tea.
– Free use of mountain bikes.
– Gym equipment free to use includes exercise bike, kettle bells, dumbells, medicine balls, hula hoops, punching bag, and mats

Airport Shuttles, Transfers, and Taxis Arranged

There is a minimum three-night stay, and it is for girls only.

They can arrange a private airport transfer for you for $40 from the domestic terminal, and $45 from the international terminal.

There are five bikes with helmets, that are available to use free of charge.

There is a motor scooter, and sea kayak available for hire @ $10 per day.

Buses to the city stop 50 meters away from the door. Airport shuttles can be arranged.

Royal Oak shopping center is a fifteen-minute walk or five-minute ride.

Coffee shops and restaurants are a five-minute walk away.

Onehunga beach, Pah homestead cafe, Onehunga village, One Tree Hill and Cornwall parks all close by.

Whether you need a taxi, shuttlebus, or airport transfer, it can be arranged directly with them.

Check out Trafalgar House Here

Best airport shuttle bus


A History of the Best Airport Shuttle Bus Service

Passengers of land transport in the early, pioneering days of Australia and New Zealand, sometimes faced rivers swollen with floodwater.

In order to get across the river, coaches had to be pulled across from the other side of the river, with a rope.

Cobb & Co.’s placement of changing stations every 16-32 km along the routes, meant that their coaches could achieve much better speed, and longer distances, than previously thought possible.

The Lights of Cobb & Co

Henry Lawson wrote a poem about the Cobb & Co service in 1897:

“Not all the ships that sail away since Roaring Days are done –
Not all the boats that steam from port, nor all the trains that run,
Shall take such hopes and loyal hearts – for men shall never know
Such days as when the Royal Mail was run by Cobb & Co.”

Commitment to Excellence

Today, Cobb & Co Coaches, as Auckland Airport Limos, continues in that same inspirational spirit.

We are committed to providing the best airport shuttle bus, and best airport transfer service around.

airport limo



Why is Uber being given a free pass?

Why do governments not challenge their law-breaking activities?

Imagine if other competitors, in other industries, were allowed to come in and just break the rules.

Imagine if they were allowed to take away the business of legitimate operators in the market place through deception and manipulation of our laws.

Uber is continuing to steal away the taxi and airport limo businesses of those, who through careful compliance with the law, and hard work, have forged out businesses for themselves in this country.

We have no issue with Uber as such.

We welcome changes and opportunities that new technology brings.

But we do not welcome lawbreakers to this country in any shape or form.

The law is established as a level playing field, where everyone gets a fair go.

But we must all compete according to the rules.



Uber have already stolen a large share of the airport limo market through their law breaking activities.

The effect of this has been to severely disadvantage businesses that have complied with their statutory and legal requirements from the outset.

It is a cynical, and greedy grab for market share.

It is a breach of our Consumer trading laws on multiple levels.

Uber have gained an unfair advantage through illegal means.

Why should you as the consumer care?

I believe Uber seek to establish a monopoly in the taxi and hire car marketplace.

From this position, it will be open season for them to raise prices.

They will then do what they please with regulations, as they have already begun to demonstrate.

Don’t let initial low prices deceive.


The cracks are beginning to show with Uber in Auckland

Drivers are beginning to abandon the company enmasse, citing earnings lower than $8 per hour.

For a full report, see this link: UNHAPPY DRIVERS ABANDON UBER

We wouldn’t support a company that produces clothing in slave labor conditions, in sweatshops on the Indian subcontinent.

Why should we tolerate it right here at home?



We all need good quality and low cost options when it comes to getting around.

But Uber is going about it in an unethical way.

Which makes us unethical to support them, by using their services.

They could easily fix their unethical ways, but they refuse.

They could simply be transparent with their commission rates. They could insist their drivers comply with our local laws.

Uber benefits by doing nothing. They are smiling while the government turn a blind eye.

It’s not hard to join the dots, when it is estimated that Uber are making more than 15 billion in un-taxed revenue in a year.

Why send your hard earned dollars overseas? Why benefit a multi-national company that does not pay any tax here?

Uber obviously, are not putting the interests of New Zealanders first.

Auckland Airport Limos go can be trusted to put you first.

We invest back into local businesses, and into the local economy, so that we can all prosper together.

Why not support the local economy and local businesses? It’s free to call us on 0800 777 076

shuttle transfer


Early Shuttle Transfer

Concord Coaches were employed by the early pioneers of Cobb & Co. The early shuttle transfer services needed robust equipment.

Imported from America, the Concord carriages were painted red, with large yellow wagon wheels.

These coaches were chosen for their particular strength, and durability. They were most suited to the rugged conditions of early New Zealand roads.

The coaches employed a ‘thorough brace’ suspension system. This revolutionary suspension system, suspended the body of the coach on leather straps. It made the ride much more comfortable than other spring suspension systems.

We Have Come a Long Way

The worst we might experience, on a shuttle bus transfer today, is a few bumps in the road, in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Passengers were often left with bruises, and other injuries, in the early days of coach travel. These were caused by the severe impact of wooden wheels on rocky roads.

In both Australia, and New Zealand, Cobb & Co Coaches were always preferred over the others, because they went out of their way to make sure the ride was more comfortable.

That same endeavor lives on in the business of Cobb & Co Coaches, as Auckland Airport Limos, today. Whether it is a shuttle transfer service, private taxi, or corporate cab.

Cobb & Co go out of their way to ensure our customers not only enjoy their ride, but are relaxed and comfortable.

Why not give us a call? It’s free to call on 0800 777 076

shuttle service


A Rich History of our Auckland Shuttle Service

Many people don’t automatically think of a shuttle service when they hear the name of Cobb & Co.

Sometimes, when the name of Cobb & Co is mentioned, a restaurant is bought to mind.

This is because Cobb & Co Restaurants have successfully marketed their brand of restaurants throughout New Zealand using the Cobb & Co name.

Not too many people realize that Cobb & Co were the original pioneers of passenger land transport in New Zealand.

From 1861 to 2016

Cobb & Co Coaches continue today, to provide passenger land transport including a first class airport shuttle service.

In fact, Cobb & Co restaurants are styled on that early passenger transport pioneering spirit, with wagon wheels, horses & carriages, prominent in their promotions.

Cobb & Co coaches is not in conflict with Cobb & Co restaurant’s in any way, but welcomes their contribution, together with our own, of recognizing the rich Kiwi heritage of the early settlers in pioneering the nation of New Zealand.

The shuttle service that Cobb & Co, as Auckland Airport Limos, provides today, is just as ready and reliable as those early pioneers. Then, they faced floods, cold, and adverse weather conditions. Today, we negotiate flight delays, traffic gridlock and flight cancellations. Through it all, the spirit of Cobb & Co lives on in our commitment to our service and our customers.

shuttle bus auckland


A history of the Shuttle Bus Auckland, New Zealand.

Cobb & Co Coaches have operated in Australia and New Zealand as a passenger transport service since 1861.

This is a brief history of our shuttle bus Auckland airport service.

In 1861, much of the country lacked good roads, and passenger transport across the country was fraught with difficulty.

Through adversity and setback, Cobb & Co Coaches forged a name for themselves as the premier travel service in New Zealand.

Some of the earliest stories of their sheer hard work and determination will encourage and inspire you.

In those days it was probably easier to sail than it was to travel by road.

Cobb & Co Coaches in New Zealand took its name from an Australian company at the time.

The Australian company was also called Cobb & Co Coaches. It was set up by American businessman, Freeman Cobb, in the 1850’s.

Fastest Passenger Transfer Times.

The arrival of Cobb & Co Coaches in New Zealand stunned the locals.

They achieved travel times between cities and towns, that were previously not though possible.

Cobb & Co quickly established themselves as not only the fastest service, but also the most comfortable.

Their bright red coaches fitted out with plush upholstery and leading technology engineering, were a feature of New Zealand’s early pioneering days.

Airports and airport transfers were unheard of at the time.

But Cobb & Co would go on to become the early pioneers of systematic, streamlined, passenger transfers between major ports, and the cities and towns of New Zealand.

The very idea of a shuttle bus service, grew out of the Cobb & Co Coaches business model of shared, low-cost, land-based, passenger transport.

The advent of the motor vehicle caught Cobb & Co by surprise.

They thought that it would never truly replace horses and carriages as the primary means of passenger transport.

As a result, the company declined in the 1920’s.

Today Cobb & Co Coaches, as Auckland Airport Limos, are spearheading a revival of superior passenger transport in New Zealand, particularly with a first class shuttle bus Auckland airport transfers, and airport buses to and from Auckland airport.

Their service includes airport taxis that are cheaper and better than Uber.

There is also a standard airport bus service, and a corporate cabs service.

All Auckland Airport Limos services operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Try Auckland Airport Limos for your next Auckland airport shuttle. You wont be disappointed